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I Scream For WafflesI Scream For WafflesI Scream For Waffles


 Our creations center around scratch made waffles and small batch, house-made ice cream!We're a small-batch business with a love of fresh, simple, premium ingredients that are sourced from our community as much as possible. No artificial ingredients or mass production...just old school craftsmanship and a lot of love!

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1412 West 7th Avenue, Eugene, Oregon 97402, United States

(541) 654-3511


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05:00 pm – 08:30 pm

About Us

I Scream For Waffles!


I Scream For Waffles is the creation of Cori Haines-Tutrone and Drew Main, both born and raised in the Eugene/Springfield area.  They blended a love of food, sense of adventure, and genuine entrepreneurial spirit into a food truck specializing in Waffles and Ice Cream.

I Scream for Waffles: The Next Generation

On June 1st, 2019 the Scarlet torch was passed to Jim, Devan, and Kevin. We are 3 local guys that love great food and good times with friends and family. We had all been dreaming of leaving our corporate jobs and starting up a food truck someday. When we heard that “I Scream for Waffles” was for sale, we were very intrigued. We knew that Scarlet logo was an icon in Eugene with a loyal following, and that everyone loved the amazing dishes they serve. After we spending time with Cori and Drew on the truck we came to appreciate all of the time, sweat and tears that they and their dedicated crew had put into the business the past 4 years, we knew we had to make the leap, even though we also knew we would be in way over our heads. 

We have had a few stumbles getting started, and we truly appreciate everyone who has been there to support us. We plan honoring the tradition of serving amazing Liege Waffles, fried chicken and poutine, house made ice cream, all of the other unique and delicious combinations that Scarlet is famous for. And we will be adding a few new things as we go, and we promise always keep quality and integrity our top priority. 

We are still working out all the details of when and where we will be on a daily basis, but if you keep an eye on the Eugene Street Food website and app, or follow us on Instagram and Facebook, we will make sure to keep you updated! And we plan on doing several local events throughout the year.

We also do delivery and pickup of our incredible ice cream pints from the truck when we are at our kitchen on West 7th. You can find us on Grubhub, Postmates and Ubereats. Or stop by at 1412 West 7th Ave Eugene. Just ring the bell at the window if you don’t see us in the truck, we’re probably in the kitchen making up a new flavor of our house made all-natural locally sourced ice cream. 

We are looking forward to meeting all of you soon and we are so excited to be part of the amazing, eclectic Eugene food scene. Cheers! And keep on Screamin’!

Jim, Devan, Kevin

Random Facts...


* All doughs, batters and ice cream are house-made
* We try to make everything from scratch if we can...sauces, gravy, aioli, cones, brittle for ice cream etc
* Love supporting local farmers...we'll modify the menu to get whatever's in season here locally
* Our truck was a Frito Lay truck when we bought it, complete with big bins of old chips
* We started building our truck so we could be mobile and not be under the thumb of a landlord (we owned a coffee shop inside Gateway Mall for 12 years where we couldn't blast loud music, drink beer and laugh our asses off while we worked)
* The pin-up girl in our logo is named Scarlett Star
* Our goal is to make great food with simple, high quality ingredients ...and also to have as much fun as humanly possible while we work!